rare craigslist dn listing


"Very well built DN ice boat, ready to sail. 4 sets of blades, wooden mast. I have an aluminum mast (no boom) that could easily be converted for the boat. $1500"

not as rare

Not as rare as I thought, as I comment on my own post..

"These are pictures of a DNS boat built in 1996 by "wolff iceboats" from Canada. It has never been sailed, everything always stored in nylon storage bags, prime condition. The hull is sitka spruce and birds eye maple. The sail is made by "Boston sails." The mast and boom are aluminum. The runners are steel sarns. It has been in my possession since it arrived in 1996. I am considering selling it and would like some input as to a fair price to its worth. Please email. Near Hastings, mn. Thank you"