Sailcrafters hosts Tonka Swap Meet

Many thanks to Sailcrafters and Tim Carlson for hosting the annual iceboat swap meet. We had over 50 sailors making this years event as big as ever. Special thanks to Tim for opening his shop and for providing food and beverage. Don't hesitate to call Tim ((952) 540-7474) if you need a sailmaker, need repairs to your hull or have a rigging issue. He is a one stop shop and can do it all.

Next event on your calendar is the Great Western Challenge, the first weekend in December..

Great job Tim !!

A great showing of great people. Although it seems like a small gathering, I really believe the swap meet goes a long way to keep and build interest in the sport. I talked with a few people I had not met before, and who came solely for the purpose of learning and networking. Also, great job Bruce on the new mini-skeeter! Tim Carlson completed modifications for my C-skeeter "Drifter" sail and halyard(s) and it looks like it should push the boat well past the 200 MPH mark. Thanks to all who attended.