Yea, I'm new!

Hello folks. Name is Dan McKenzie. I am just about finished with my first semester of grad school in Mankato and its about time I find where I can learn how to ice sail. I'm looking for someone who is willing to show me the ropes in the general area of Mankato. I have small and big boat water sailing experience but understand that ice boating is a different beast. Anybody out there able to help?


Ground school

I live fairly close to you in Belle Plaine, MN. I'm headed up to Ashby early Saturday morning. If you want to ride along, it's an opportunity for 3 hours of "ground school". The only thing we love more than iceboating is talking about iceboating. I have a little larger boat, and will just be doing some recreational sailing and shake down of new parts, assuming sufficient ice thickness for larger boat. Mine is really not a beginner boat, so I can only let you sail if wind really light, but there will be plenty of people there that will probably let you get some tiller time in a DN. If you are interested, give me a call today, six one two, two eight two, 3098. If not this weekend, let's get together sometime, and we will get you going.
Pat Heppert, I-291.

Mankato help

Thanks for your interest in this sport. Many of us sail and race a 1 person small DN. Some sail and race a larger iceboat called a Nite. I am not aware of any lakes near Mankato that iceboaters sail on. You can monitor this website for possible ice and races closer to you. It could be Lake Pepin, Lake Minnetonka or smaller lakes. If you have a free day this weekend you are welcome to come to Lake Christina, near Ashby Mn. You are likely to see up to 50 DN's racing and cruising. Most participants from North America and a few European competitors would be pleased to "show you the ropes". Once you do that and sail on one, you will be hooked!

Mike Miller