It ain't over yet

This warn weather has many of us thinking about everything except iceboating, but, it "ain't over yet!"
For the DN's, the Central Regional Champs have yet to be sailed. For other fleets, the Nite nationals, the ISAs and the Northwestern's are still looking for venues.
Keep your runners sharp as any one of these major events could still be called on. Think Ice.


I walked accross Waconia last night in the dark, and the ice is now very hard and flat. Finally an end to rough ice across the entire state!!!! The majority of the permanent ice houses pulled off. I would give it a 7-8 !!!! Public access has water and a big crack, but I jumped accross without getting too wet. Thickness is an estimated 14-16" based on weather and previous drill holes last week. Would have been an awesome day for iceboating today if this whole career/job thing wasn't in my way. I don't give Waconia good odds of surviving the upcoming warm weather without access problems and drain holes, but at least it should be an indicator that there should be sailable ice somewhere the weekend of 2/25.

I have sailed Waconia on Mon

I have sailed Waconia on Mon and Thursday this week with a Nite and it is pretty good
On the SW side where I have been. Most fishing holes have melted down and the thaw/refreeze has left the surface pretty fast. The road area from In Town heading West of the island is still rough from all the traffic pulling fish houses at the weekend but it can be crossed easily. Heading out again now while the ice is still hard.