Nites -- ISA Regatta this weekend .... in our own state!

Yep, there's snow on the way, but it's forecast to stay south of Battle Lake, the site of this year's ISA Championship. JD sailed the lake just this morning and said it's smooth and slick. Tonka may be mushy, but it's another world north of Ashby.

Battle Lake hosted a Western Challenge a few years back, and drew nearly 90 boats. Hoping to muster up a bunch of Nites from the Twin Cities. Name the last time the ISA Regatta was this close to home. I think the answer is, "NEVER!!!!"

Details for launching and hotel stuff can be found at on the ISA page.

I'd like to drive up Thursday, but can't. Am planning on an early drive Friday morning (in the snow). Nites start fourth in the rotation, so there's extra time.

If you've been hemming and hawing about how little we've sailed this year, ..... then this is a no brainer. Got questions? Post them here.


Bring your nites !!!

The ISA has a seperate class and seperate start for the Nites, and is a great opportunity to represent our state with local racers. The ISA has also changed to a maximum 9 race format, which just means double the fun!!!!

I know there is also a handful of bucket boats (rumble seaters) in the state, and althought they won't get you to the top of the fleet anymore, they are still fun and competitive and really encouraged to come out and play! Hyslop still brings his rumble seater to the Northwest most years, and he ain't last.

C skeeter "Drifter" is loaded on the trailer, and will travel Thursday. Not sure my guts can handle the predicted wind on Friday.............