Skeeter IBC Swap Meet, November 5, 2017

The 32nd annual Skeeter IBC swap meet will be Sunday morning, November 5, 2017, at Lucke's Cantina, on Wisconsin Hwy 67 on the north side of Williams Bay, Wisconsin (Iceboat Center of the World).
There is no charge to participate.
New and used iceboats and equipment.
Free raffle.
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SKeeter IBC Swap November 5th - stuff for sale

Yes, there are folks from the Gopher state coming to the SIBC swap. The Doctor is peddling some masts.
More MN folks are expected to come to grab up some real gems:
Six sets of DN chocks, new and used.
Six sets of DN runners, including German and Polish s.s. inserts and some T iron runners.
A couple of DN sails with battens, including an FO-1
Competitive DN race boats as well as cruisers.
An Ice Optimist fuselage
Joe Norton Nite masts
New and used DN composite masts
Runner sharpening machine.
Weather forecast is warm and slightly damp.

New mini Skeeter and more DN equipment

New additions to the equipment available at the Skeeter IBC swap on November 5th:
DN with Goodwin masts, JD speed sail, sarns plates.
S.S. plates from a regional championship boat
Bogdan Kramer built minimum T iron runners.
Montana style mini Skeeter and the building plans.