Styrofoam Sunday - Minnetonka main lake

(click for picture and more) I went ice skating this morning (-5F) on Lake Minnetonka from Minnetonka Yacht club. As you already know, the snow is about like Styrofoam, but in the sailing area of the main lake the snow covered areas were generally less than 0.75" with very occasionally up to 1.5", and I was able to skate through most of it with some effort. I don't see any reason why this plate isn't sailable, especially with warmer temp tomorrow. I plan on setting up the Skeeter on Sunday 1/7/18. Should be a good day, so come out and play. Best access is to drive on at Lake Ave (Deephaven Beach) in Deephaven, then drive past MYC at lighthouse island. There is a line about 50 feet wide where the ice broke while freezing, and the jagged ice line attracted about 4 inches of snow that you can't get through. Recommend driving truck 300 yards North of lighthouse island to set up and rig right on the sailing area. I could clearly see at least 12"+ of ice thickness at this point but didn't poke any holes.
Lake Minnetonka 1-6-18