Nite National caught using Fake Rule. Appeal made to NIA.

This is a post I hoped I would never have to write. But here goes -- The Nite Board of Directors used a fake rule from our governing body, the National Iceboat Authority (NIA) to defend its decision to disallow a race at the Nationals. When notified the rule was fake, their commodore replied, "Well, we're just going to let it go."

Really? Who gives the Nite Association the right to change the rules that govern our sport?

The fake rule was created by cutting and pasting text from paragraphs that cover port/starboard, ballast, etc. But they presented their fake rule as if it covered race management. Intentional or a mistake? Doesn't matter. It needs to be corrected.

A protest was filed with and accepted by the regatta's protest committee. But the Nite commodore contacted the protest committee and notified them their services would not be needed. Again, really? Pretty sure nowhere in sport is it acceptable for a person being protested to claim authority over a protest committee.

Calm heads will prevail. The NIA has been notified, and we all need to sit back and let this run its course.

Scott Brown
Nite 559
DN 5298

Pull hard, go fast, have fun.

The real mistake made was picking the wrong lake! Geneva was awesome that weekend, with about a ton of wind Friday-Saturday. On Geneva there wasn't a hint of snow until after dark on Saturday. Had a great time.
Sorry to hear this is obviously bothering you. I believe you are making the correct decision appealing to the NIA, and it should be great for the NIA to document the correct decision in writing. I took some time to re-read the racing rules again and totally agree with you. The minute the first boat crossed a valid checkered flag, the race was in the books. However, we ALL need to continue to focus on the fact that we are doing this for fun, and should never let issues like this ever have any hint of making each other mad, ending up in hurt friendships or in any way degrading the sense of community that we love about our sport. I tell people I see all my best friends about once a year, on the ice. Make sure this issue doesn't linger in your mind for years to come.
Speaking of lingering, while reading some of the NIA protests, I came across one from 2003 exactly identical to my collision a couple years ago, and the ruling was the exact opposite of mine, where protest was ruled against me. Trying to forget, because all it does is chew away from the enjoyment of the sport. Point being, we all make mistakes. I have made mistakes on the race course, mistakes while scoring, mistakes while scouting ice, and obviously mistakes building. Document this one for the future, move on, pull hard, go fast, have fun!!

One more thought

I seem to remember that lawyers always say "possession is 9/10ths of the law". Isn't that trophy still with you? Trophy location determines the obvious winner !!!!

It's not about a trophy

Thanks, Pat. I'm aware some may think this is an attempt to win a regatta. When my filing is public you'll see that it never mentions anything about winning the regatta. The entire premise is on retaining the integrity of the rules that govern our sport.

Regatta take 2?

Good job Scott,
Are you going to race this weekend? You could then win it twice!

Mike Miller