Minnetonka ice update

Tonka Main lake at noon Sat. Walked out 200 yards from Harry’s public easement. Over 5.25 inches thick in 5 separate locations. The drill bit is only 5.25 inches! The first 100 yards was 50% rough ice and 50% stiff old snow up to 1” high. Would need to sail slow.
Out where my my drill photos are is much smoother ice with scattered drifts 1/2” high. Looks the same in all directions past MYC, Big Island and toward Bracketts Pt. Very sailable from MYC- Big Island- Excelsior. About a 6-7 scale. Must carry iceboats 75 feet at this launch.
The Nite would easily handle this ice. DN ok but rumbly.
Drilled out 100 yards at Wayzata Beach. Solid 5” but rough ice and similar stiff drifts on at least 50%.
Launching at Echo Bay by Tonka Marine has thick ice, but appears the stiff snow rough ice extends almost to Gale’s Island. Could also launch at Excelsior Beach. I believe they allow that. Appears closer to the decent ice.
Based on personal sightings of a large area of open water, outlined in white on the Facebook page, 3 days ago, DO NOT SAIL that area. Based on today’s sighting from Brackets, it looks 95% frozen, smooth with a light dusting of snow. Still a few duck holes off Brackets and towards Arcola. That entire area likely top 10 with a few more cold nights.
If we get some wind on Monday, Meyer and I expect to scout areas from MYC towards Big Island and south towards Excelsior.