Western Challenge called "ON!"

The Great Western Challenge is "ON" for December 13-15, 2019.
Primary location is Lake Buffalo in Buffalo, MN., sailing out of Sturges Park.
Check back for update on Wednesday and for hotel information.
Think ice!

I drove by the lakes along

I drove by the lakes along 35W in Albert Lea late this afternoon. Didn’t know they were under consideration at that time and was finishing a 1700 mile drive so I didn’t stop. Surface looks very good though!

John Bushey

2019 Western Challenge

Currently we are checking ice. We have a lake in Albert Lea that looks like it will work. We are checking Buffalo today to see whats left after the snow.
Expect an update on Wednesday December 11.

Any help checking Albert lea is appreciated.

DN Regatta Fri,Sat,Sun

Skeeters Sat,Sun

Please report any new freeze. I know Pepin was water on Sunday.


JD US4691