GTIYC UPDATE March 4, 2004

The Michigan State Police are asking the public for any information they may have as to the whereabouts of Traverse City’s TV station 7&4 chief meteorologist, Greg MacMaster. Mr. MacMaster was abducted from the stations parking lot shortly after completing the 11:00 p.m. news broadcast. The police noted evidence of a vicious struggle in the parking lot and pieces of what appears to be sailcloth material, duct tape and sailing ropes. An unidentified source at the local Michigan State Police office said that several members of the Grand Traverse Ice Yacht Club were questioned early this morning concerning the weatherman’s disappearance, but that they stuck to their story that they knew nothing, saw nothing, nor had anything to do with matter. The club believes that they are being “set up.”

The GTIYC club was quoted as saying that, although only by coincidence, the FUN REGATTA has been postponed until March 13-14. We have decent ice on at least three lakes, but the continuing warm spell and tomorrows forecast for thundershowers will keep the ice too soft for sailing for several more days. The forecast for Saturday through next week is for 20-degree nights and low 30’s days. We anticipate that conditions should improve greatly by Sunday or Monday.

The GTIYC Hot Line, 231-922-3836, will be updated daily as to conditions and daily sailing during the week. Please stay in touch and THINK ICE.

P.S.: Please keep the TV 7&4’s Greg MacMaster in your prayers……..

weatherman update

GTIYC FUN REGATTA update March 8, 2004

Well, you will be relieved to know that the local meteorologist is ok and back to work at TV 7&4. I was disclosed that he had been transported in a very large piece of corrugated drainpipe to the GTIYC clubhouse, where he was detained for several days. He said, the food was not all that special, but after having nothing else to do but watch iceboat videos for two days, I now have a totally new appreciation for winter and the great times that can be had. I promised the GTIYC members that I would do everything in my power to bring winter weather back for as long as possible. They gave me a warm pat on the back, a THINK ICE bumper sticker, and sent me on my way. Because I have seen the errors of my ways in hastening the demise of winter, I am treating this experience as an opportunity to expand my horizons and no formal complaints will be filed. Well he brought winter back all right, and while maybe not the best of conditions, a lot of sailing was had on North Torch Lake this past weekend. A dozen or more DNs, a Nite, and Skeeter were on hand to give it a go. Although there were several flat air periods, the DNs were able to get in some great club races for about four hours, while the larger boats searched out the lake. Sunday brought a full array of winter experiences. We started at 7:30am with enough air to have three hours of fun sailing in three inches of very wet snow. When the air died shortly before lunch and the temps climbed into the upper thirties, the snow melted to about 1", creating lots of slush. Quite a few sailors showed up Sunday morning, but became discouraged by the slush and dead air. With long drives ahead of them, the Detroit, Mt. Clemens, and Lansing sailors sadly had to=20 leave. At approximately 3:00pm, the wind did a 180-degree flop and a northwester began to blow. While several DNs made it out on the ice for some terrific sailing, it was the Skeeter and the Nite that tore up the lake until almost dark. Although soaked to the bone and with boots full of water, we basked in the memory of some of the best sailing of the season (so far.)The weatherman is trying to make it happen, but it will be a wait and see situation. Stay tuned and check the GTIYC hot line(231-922-3836)later in the week.

Keep'em Sharp
Corey Hughes
Traverse City, MI

Stupid Post

You may think that this post was funny...but I don't. Let's keep the posts on this board relating to ice boating and not some stupid made up story about abductions because you didn't like the weather.

Instead of Think Ice, you need to Think Smart.

Grumpy Fellow

Gee Mr. "Anonymous Skipper";

A bit of levity can be quite uplifting to those of us in the not-so-northern states watching our ice leaving for the season.
Perhaps someone urinated in your Cheerios?
Try a fresh box, and stay away from the crumbly stuff at the bottom.

Respectfully submitted by a "registered user".

P.S. Perhaps a poll should be taken as to the degree of offensiveness this (to me) humorous story brought to the other readers. After all, Duct Tape, bits of Sail Material and Rope (er-Line)? Sounds like my DN repair kit!

P.P.S. I noted 146 guests online shortly before 0900 on 03/10/2004!!!

Revisiting an poll

Only 10% of the members polled believe any posting made "Anonymous Skipper"


I still have rope burns!

Sure! The story is true! How else would you explain the rope burns on my wrist and ankles? I've never seen so many ice boaters move so fast! All they do is sit in their boats and go back and forth...back and forth.... For a bunch of ol' folks, they can move pretty fast. But I didn't go without a fight I tell ya! Some had scrapes and one had a bruised lip too. But what they didn't realize was that I brought even warmer weather the following winter... There! That'll teach them to mess with the weatherman! Uh-oh! Someone's banging on the front door of the studio...and thay have sailcloth!!!! RUN!