alumium mast sections

Newbie looking at building a DN and needs info on where to get a bare aluminum mast extrusion to fit the Sarns hardware. Is it a Dwyer section, Kenyon section etc. Where to source would be a great help as well!

JK - Madison WI

Extrusion near Madison

I've found someone with an extrusion he's willing to part with. If you're still looking, drop me a note.


Geoff Sobering

Kenyon Spars

Kenyon sells everything you need:
(not cheap, though...)

I'm not certain what all the sections Sarns sold fitings for. I'm pretty certain that my first Aluminum mast (a "Norton Wing" extrusion), had a Sarns base and masthead castings, but I don't see anything like them on the site.

I'd suggest seeing what you can find at the swap-meet down at Williams Bay.

BTW, drop me a note if you haven't hooked up with the 4-Lakes club yet (sobering-at-gmail-dot-com).


Geoff S.
DN US-5156/Laser 145234/Renegade 510

Norton Wing mast castings

The castings for the base and top of the Norton wing mast were actually made specifically to fit that extrusion for Joe and are not a Sarns fitting. If you need Castings for a Norton Extrusion, I would recommend calling Joe.

Re: Norton Wing mast castings

I'd have sworn that before Sarns changed hands that they had at least one cast base and masthead fitting in their pricelist; I may be misremembering. I *have* seen a number of similar-looking, but slightly different, castings for different extrusions, so you're 100% correct that it's important to make sure you get a fitting for the particular mast extrusion you have.

JK: I'd call around to all the iceboat suppliers you can find and see if anyone has some Aluminum mast parts lying around. I don't know of too many new Al masts being made anymore.

I also seem to remember that Wolf Iceboats (Ontario?) was selling an 7075 alloy mast a couple of years ago. I can't fnd mention of them anywhere on the net, though.


Geoff S.