Extending the cockpit

I've always wanted to extend the cockpit on my DN and this year I was able to do it.

JD opened up his garage to the iceboaters. The shop is great. It's been recently insulated (thanks gang..) and JD put in a kickass heater..

Hot Dog

JD and his skeeterThis took about 5 lazy trips out to the shop, (shop night is monday & tuesday). JD was working on his new skeeter, but took time out to help me with me project.

So first step is too check the rule book, and mark the location of the new bulk head.
checking the rule book

I didn't go to the max cockpit length, because I'm not that tall, and there is DN stearing gear in the way.

We drilled a hole in the deck and removed the deck with the sawsall. Then drilled some holes in the corner's of the bulkhead and started hacking away with the sawsall

drill a hole for the sawsalltaking out bulkheadmeasure twice - cut oncethe sawsall & the bulkhead

Next thing you know the boat is all opened up...removing material

I did a little bulk shaping on the remaining portion of the bulkhead..
shaping the old bulkhead

....i'll post the rest of the project, soon...


Vent pipe

Don't mean to be anal but your heater vent looks a little iffy without an insulating thimble where it penetrates the wall--especially with the vapor barrier.


Been there...

Done that...


Great project, it will make the boat a ton nicer to sail in. I did my Norton-style hull last year. It was a fairly easy project (compared with rennovating a Renegade - or a Skeeter...) and came out nicely. I removed all of the bulkhead to give my big feet as much room as possible. I'll be very interested to hear how the transformation of your bulkhead into a full-width knee works out.


We're doing the same thing this fall to one of our local DN sailor's (really) old Sarns-style DN. I was amazed at how perfectly preserved the wood inside the hull was. No epoxy, varnish or anything. Even after 50+ years it looked just like it had just been closed up yesterday:
(scroll down, there are photos of the DN interspersed with the other boats)


Geoff S.

Lengthening a DN cockpit


I'm thinking about getting a DN, but a few of the boats I've seen are for shorter people. From what I read DNs are one design. So, are all the cockpits the same size on the outside, and is it possible to do a mod like the one in this blog to accommodate a 6'-2" person.