How about a 'MN connections' catagory just for MN folks?


I just got into this sport last winter, albeit
with a VERY crude "ice boat" (note the quotes) I
bought for $100, minus mast and sail. Bought a
large windsurfer with 2 sails for $120, and gave
the board away to friends to float their lift out
of the lake in the fall and back into lake in spring.
It had 20" chain saw bars for the side runners,
which actually worked quite well, except were too
limber. So, last summer I bought a 14' Hobie Cat,
whose mast and sail I intend to adapt to a all-new
redesigned iceboat.

I'm located in NC Minnesota by Hackensack, and have
yet to encounter anyone else interested in this
sport up here. Any suggestions on how to connect?
They say not to sail alone, but so far I'm the only
one up here that I know of....and I can't just sit

sounds like a good idea...

Maybe a forum category...

I'm Looking to Get Involved

I own a lake home on Woman Lake near Hackensack. I have been considering getting involved in ice boating, but don't know the first thing about it. Give me a call if you would like to talk: 651-633-6773. Jeff Davis



If you own a home on Woman then you are at most 5 miles from me -
I'm on Blackwater! If you're on the south side, your 2 minutes
from my door. I also know of someone on Mule who is really
gung-ho on this, to the point he almost dropped $8k on a
Nite last weekend when he was in the twin cities.
He talked about going to Alex the weekend of Dec. 4-5 to see
the gathering that will take place there, but as I understand it
the lake won't be chosen until thursday, Dec. 3 - best ice
they can find.

By all means we should talk - I'll be in touch soon. Meanwhile
you should register with this site to obtain a username so
you can privately converse with the rest of the group if
need be. It costs nothing to register.


Whut open water ??