Site Wish List...

I'm going to be upgrading the site to the new drupal code. Drupal is what this site is using for the content management.

I'll also be playing with the layout a bit. Any suggestions? I'm thinking of a 2 column setup, so the forum's and pictures have more room. And try to get rid of some of the front page clutter.

I'll also add a few features like bookmarks, pictures on the front page, removing those comment pulldowns, adding html chat, buddy lists, notifications on forums.

I'd really like to see some sort of WAP/phone interface so you could check/check-in using those new high-tech phones. With a picture phone, someone could do a pretty good early morning on-scene report.

Also sms messaging would be cool. You could put your name on a list for a regatta and then if the location changes, we'd send out a bunch of sms messages..

But first I'm off to put the final coat on my dn.

jim mcdonagh
system admin

content suggestions

Some things from my wish list I would like to see:

1) weather/ice conditions: focused where one can pull snow and ice conditions from places like:

and answer with weather condition maps:
Is there Ice, if so is it clear and how thick?
Is there snow and how much
Where are the winds out of and what speed

It might help to use the free Mapserver Technology: (the first and made in Minnesota Mapserver Technology)

2) Mapped Locations of when and where folks are sailing out of around the state.

This kind of information may help us paint a more accurate picture of where the better ice is.



input categories

It's sort-of hidden, but i think you want to go to the forums.. there's a link up top, and you'll see the separate categories, the long list of homepage postings is made up of these forum postings.

What I really need is to have some editors/contributors to post stories to the front page, and then we'll leave the forum's on the back page.. but if i had a static home page it would probably be up for years...

here's the forums.

A) Where we're sailing this weekend.
that's supposed to be ice conditions.. sort of cryptic i guess..

B) Tech help

C) Wanted/For Sale
buy, sell, trade

right hand side eliminated...

I've taken everything off the right hand side..

that opens up the forums.. and the photo gallery