Runner Sharpening

I just bought an older DN with dull rusty runners. Any idea where I can get them sharpened? I live in Plymouth near Lake Minnetonka(West of Minneapolis).


I sharpen runners for $12 per runner.

John Dennis 612-840-9855


I'd love to have you sharpen my runners, but I live in Colorado. I don't have anyone out here I've found who sharpens them -- do you have a plan, ideas for a jig, a method that you'd be willing to share - or could you point me in a direction for getting mine sharpened?

I have a bench grinder, but I assume that's too harsh and uneven. I also could rig a jig and use a belt sander, but I have no ideas about angle, direction of cut, edge to sharpen, etc.

I can only say, that I appreciate any help you have to offer, and when I get back to MN, (my home state) I'd love to buy you a beer!

I can also be reached via email

Sincerely, a boater needing a (staight) ride.
Tom Doroff, Longmont, CO (formerly Sartell, MN.).

New Skipper

Kai, my name is Dan, I live in Crystal. I bought a used Ekloff Slicer and haven't had it out yet. I'm interested in finding other iceboaters to go with, so if you are interested give me a call. 763-531-2582

Ice Boating


Last winter was my first winter with an iceboat. I built the boat myself, it uses a windsurfer rig. I was only able to get out 6 or 7 times last year but I had a lot of fun.

Lake George, near Annadale (one hour NW of Mpls)is very shallow and freezes early. I may go out this weekend if it stays cold.

My office # is 952-838-8195, home is 952-925-2609.