f*ck the spammers...

Now we are getting spammers... posting to our forums... arrgh..

I'll have to get going on the new 4.5 version and the anti-spammer stuff.. which can't possible work very well..

Or I could allow postings by registered users only. that's a little extreme..

hmmm.. maybe a firewall rule to block ip's from spammers.. or something more aggressive...

Looks like the spam post came from india.. I could block all of india.. but then I'd be shutting off the access for the all the iceboaters in india..

I've heard of this, but now i've got to actually deal with it..


I'm going to lake christina this saturday.. should be a hoot at the coot..



I would agree with Geoff that registering shouldn't be a problem for all of us that really care.

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Corey Hughes
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Ugh... Bummer.


I wouldn't think limiting posts to registered users would be that much of a problem for this group; most people seem willing to register, and it's not like our e-mail addresses are publically available.

I may be wrong though...


Geoff S.