Looking for a cheap but solid DN for my first ice boat.

Located on Harrisons Bay, Lake Minnetonka

you can contact me at:




Other than my old girlfriend, cheap and solid doesn't exist.

Two I know of (but not close...)


DN iceboat for sale. Complete and functional. Older boat (I have
no idea how old) in fair but fully-functional condition. Wooden
mast and boom. Plank is very stiff. I don't know much about racing
DNs, but I'm pretty sure that this is not a competitive racing
boat. However, I think it goes pretty fast and it's really fun.
The boat is in Highland Lakes (Vernon Twp.), New Jersey (that's in
Sussex County and borders Warwick, NY and West Milford, NJ). I live
in Westwood, NJ.
Call me (Rich) at 201-664-4844 or e-mail me at:


Posted by: Pete Begle on December 19, 2004 at 20:23:30:

FOR SALE:2 older model DNs w/ varnished wood mast; 1 Gougeon 9 ply plank and 2 other planks, 2 sets sarns runners, 1 set snowboard skis, sharpening jig, newly painted red w/ Interlux Brightside. 1 new Doyle/Boston sail, other older sail.
Items: small trailer for both boats and car rack for 2 complete boats
Condition: Good to Excellent
Year: ?
Price: $1800-$2500
Contact info: Best way is cell phone
Phone: (909) 800-5237
Email: none
Best way to contact:cell phone. Leaving CA for Michigan DEC 23rd, can deliver Salt Lake City, Denver, Nebraska, Iowa, or Chicago area DEC 23-25, or on return after New Years.