updated photo galleries

I updated the regatta photo galleries.

sorted the regatta dates out, and put the gear pictures i took at the 2002 NA millacs in a proper folder. the regatta gallery is filling out nicely, thanks to geoffs .

the site doesn't have 2003 north americans pictures. so anybody with a couple of 2003 north american pictures.... anybody...?

I also uploaded some 2004 nite national pictures from lake christina, mn that were sent to me.

I uploaded the coot pictures from ashby, minnesota.. ;-)

that's it for now..

and as to my dismall performance in the western regional...
why does it take me 6 races to pull my head out of my a**?


2005 North Western Photos

I have about 50 shots from the 2005 North Westerns. How can I get them to your gallery?

Jeff Smith

I'll setup a ftp directory

Then after you upload them.. I'll do a batch picture import

more to follow..