back online :: live from madison

We are back online!

Sorry about yesterday, but it was snowing and we were late getting to the launch site. If I had setup the cam all any body would have been able to see is a snow covered car window.

Racing is scheduled to start at 9:30am

Yestereday we got the qualifiers out of the way, so today the gold fleet will start.

The race course is to the left of the picture, or around the point, across the lake.

Looks like a snow runner/plate day.

3min updates

as for results, we haven't raced a gold fleet., and only one silver/bronze.

I'm not sure about the bronze fleet, and as for the silver...
I lucked out yesterday and I'm starting in the number 1 positions in the silver today.. yipee!!,

lots of sticy snow in madison

Friday racing

No news or video cam action means the DN's are finally racing in decent wind and a little snow cover. With the forcast of 6 inches of snow tonight in Madison, it may be a one day regatta. Stay tuned for results.

where the hell are you guys

did every one move to mad town? maybe I should drive down, cept it's going to snow like crazy..... ahhhh mid west weather.

later dudes,

btw- it looks like your big bro, is ripping it up in the keys!



If anyone gets results, please post!!! Las Vegas needs to know!