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Waiting for wind.

Lake MacBride: currently all clear of crust and snow so it's fast, but bumpy. An incredible 18" thick!

SE Iowa

Lake MacBride 8" thick, no snow, a near 10. I've learned to hold off when the temps are below zero. The Coralville Reservoir left behind 50 yards of sheet ice when it dropped, making access problematic. Might be good for Nordic skating until the wind picks up.

SE Iowa

Sailed off Sandy Beach at the Coralville Rez last week on 8" ice. The crust is now gone and the winds are picking up.

Little Passenger

She likes rough ice and chasing DN's.

My spy at Lake McBride

tells me that there was a DN sailing there Thursday. Amazing considering all the open water in these parts.

Lake Odessa, Iowa

As the snow maps indicate, the area is pretty much snow free. Ice is about 9" deep but surface would be a bit slow (spongy). I've been trying unsuccessfully to ice sail these twenty or thirty miles of Mississippi backwater mazes for about ten years. Whether wind gets here before snow or a thaw is problematic, as usual.

Uncommon Coralville Covergence.

The word "blustery" just crept into Friday's forecast. Along with the 8" of black ice locally, the day holds promise.

SE Iowa

Just south of the current snow line, ice here 5" of soft gray. Should seal up nice in a couple days barring a snow event. Heard there was a DN on Lake McBride last week.

3-D sailing

Coralville Rez froze up 8 inches thick before they dropped the water levels about 10, feet leaving thousands of acres of flood plain sailable just west of I380. Think roller coaster. The access ramps should freeze up this week allowing easy setup with runners. If not, or even so, the wheel package might be wild.

SE Iowa

Snow finally cleared from local lakes. Ice is fast but a bit lumpy. Ear plugs, seat cushion, and soft plank recommended.

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