3-D sailing

Coralville Rez froze up 8 inches thick before they dropped the water levels about 10, feet leaving thousands of acres of flood plain sailable just west of I380. Think roller coaster. The access ramps should freeze up this week allowing easy setup with runners. If not, or even so, the wheel package might be wild.


Hey! Rolley!

You got snow on that yet...

We might need to load up the HD Cameras and go for a shoot!

shoot us a condition update will you?

Happy New Year

Carpe DN


IceFlyer Park

Am going to put on an extra level and ski the area today. Maybe take a few pictures. They're talking "blustery" for Thursday.


Great Skiing

The interesting ice is along the shore. It's like the swells on Lake Superior after a storm. The tops of the swells are blown free of snow. The rest of the lake is 0" to 4" of firm snow. The snowboard package is looking promising. I think the tires would bog down.