SE Iowa

Sailed off Sandy Beach at the Coralville Rez last week on 8" ice. The crust is now gone and the winds are picking up.


iowa ice

Hey Rollie- I'm gonna be at Ames next week (2/111) to watch a son run in a college trck meet. coral ville is right off my trail and i'd bring a boat to sail sunday if conditions permit.whats happening today looks like wet snow,but your forecast suggests it may not stick around. could you keep me posted as to your conditions? thanks....Tim Dixon,US4148,,217-836-4196


March came early this year. Once I saw a coyote run out on such thin ice that the dogs wouldn't follow, but he might have thought twice about our current mush. Three people drowned in Iowa last week on ice better than here.


early spring

thanks for heads up Rollie,I'll take a Wisconsin detour!


Ice looks great but only 3" thick. Maybe a few cold nights will help, maybe not.


Sandy Beach

58 miles on rough ice. Gusts in mid 30's all afternoon and it seemed to be all gusts. For once this winter the 12 meter sail had about all the power the boat and I could handle.