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Sun up late

Picture taken at 7:30 P.M.

Boat on Ice

Drive on ice

Sleeping Giant

You can sail right out to giant.

Great Sailing In Thunder Bay

Miles of ice over 2' thick

Boat on ice

Only issue,was getting boat to ice.

Sleeping Giant

Nice back ground

Pie Island

perfect Ice all the way out

Here is Snow cover

this is the amount of snow

Black Ice Returns to Thunder Bay

Miles of Black ice with a dusting of snow.Fantastic day on the ice,great winds mild temps.

Plank Decals

Decals on my plank

Thunder Bay Sailing

Spent the afternoon out track sailng, 3/4 mile long by 50 yds wide track plowed and flooded on Lake Superior.They use it for motorcycle Ice racing on Sundays.Every other day of the week it is not used and I was given the warm welcome to come back any time and bring friends.Nice location you can pull your vehicles right out on the ice beside the track.Ice was 14" thick, black and very smooth.

Light Snow

This is what is covering most of the Bay

Silver Harbour Launch Site

Launch site looking East.By enlarging the picture you can see further out past the launch site is fairly new ice, with very little snow cover.It was only about 3" in thickness,so still needed a little growing.The Temp this week are showing a real cooling trend,so building ice should not be a problem.

Amount of snow in small Harbour

This is how much Snow we got Friday night.It is about 1.5 cm easily sailable in the 10 mph winds today.Nice smooth black ice under the coating of snow.

Where I sailed today

Little harbour to the right of lauch site at Silver Harbuor.About 700 yds long by 500 yds wide.Being I was the only Ice Boat sharing the ice with a couple fisherman and a buddy of mine and given the fact it is a shawllow bay with 6" of ice made for safe sailing.Further out from Silver Harbour the Ice was very smooth with just a light covering of hoar frost.Given the fact it was only 3" thick it was probably sailable but wise by myself not to.

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