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Sleeping Giant

Few from Silver Harbor today,looking out towards the Sleeping Giant.there istill some open water about 1.5 miles out.

Hoar Frost

This is snow on main part of Lake

Silver Harbour today

Light covering of snow looking out towards Sleeping Giant

Lauch Site

Enough ice at lauch site to drive on.

More pics from Silver Harbour

Silver Harbour looking North.This ice goes on for about 5 miles.

Pics from Thunder Bay

Here are a few shots from Silver Harbour today after a light dusting of snow

Another Member of the Thunder Bay Ice Club

Now up to three and counting.

Thunder Bay Ice Club

The club doubled in size,not a DN but soon to buy one.

Great Ice in Thunder Bay

This is what every bay looks like in Thunder Bay 6-8"(and growing) of smooth black ice.I sailed for about 4hrs on this today in 8-10 mph of steady SW winds.Warming up as the week goes on with increasing winds and sunshine.

Great day on ice

Spent 5 hrs out sailing on White Fish Lake.Cool weather but nice 12 MPH breeze.Ice was measured as 13" a little bumpy ( i would rate it a 6) with patches of 1-2" of snow covering.No cracks or hazards over the whole lake.No snow forcasted for the week so should be good again this weekend.

First DN Regatta

Just returned from my first DN regatta in Minnesota.Special thanks to Mark Kiefer and his Ice scouting team,Geof Sobering for all his help.Thanks to John Harper for checking over my boat,Ron Sherry for his starting tips, Julia Richards for helping keep me warm and Kent Baker for buying me a beer (when I was left stranded by my shopping Wife) and Dan Hearn for lending me some spikes.

Sailing today in Thunder Bay

2.5-3" of ice all over the lake.1/2" patches of light snow.very nice day but the winds were really light

Winter arrives in Thunder Bay

2" of snow last night.Good news is it came before the lake frooze.More good news getting clear and cold this week.

5449 ready to go

Just finished applying decals

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