okoboji, iowa

this link is a webcam on lake okoboji...

this morning it appears both frozen sufficently and clear of snow


think ice


Appreciate the information. Have you sailed on Okoboji recently?
Would be interested in travelling there next weekend to try it out.
Keep us posted.
DN 4056

DN 4056

Okoboji ice

We sailed last weekend Sat. and Sunday on East lake. Ice was bumpy but sailable. We sailed two sternsteers and were joined by two locate DNer's. With the warm weather this week I think it would be great.

C22 FlrtII

it's busy

there's like 40 cars and trailers in that live cam shot on saturday.

i wonder if it would be skiing between the fishing huts.. sounds interesting..

Here's an example photo...

Okoboji Web-Cam Photo

okoboji ice

looks kind of rough. Even rougher than Lake Mendota.