Central Regionals :: Launch Area Cam

We are back on-line!

I've got the web cam setup at the launch site of the Central Regionals in Torch Lake.


The ice looks really good and there are dozen boats out racing today.

back online..

and back in the parking lot too...

Not to good of a shot.. so I'm doing the 5min updates today.

We are staying on torch lake, which should be cool. Hopefully the ice stays with us all day. It's supposed to be near/over 50 degrees.. so we'll see.

Hardly any wind out there right now. It's hard to say what is going to happen with the wind today.

First race scheduled to start at 10:00 so I have to get going..


sorry they moved us back...

I guess they lost a cabin when the fisherman had the lake blocked off and the big pump trucks couldn't get to the lake. So now they are hard ass about the firelanes.

The sailing was the best. The ice was nice in the morning and was getting soft by 2:00pm. There isn't a lot of good ice, and it's only 4" thick, but it's super smooth and my boat was very sure footed and you could do the greatest power hikes.. And since it was so warm it was really nice to be out on the smooth ice and good wind and sunny skies.

Tomorrow we meet at Sunny's aka Torch Lake Village at 8:00am (EDT) to figure out if we stay on torch lake.

I'll see about web cam tomorrow..

tired in torch lake,

Go Web Cam Go

Go get'em Jimmy & D. Good luck to all the MN crew!!!!

Great to see the webcam up and running again. Jim, you are a pioneer of the digital world. Keep the images coming to use desk bound jockeys.



Thanks for the "wcam" update 5214! Wish all of you esp. "CREWINABOX" & D good sailing. Sounds smooth, you won't have to worry about the BIG waves. Wish I was there. Be safe and hopefully will see ya next week-somewhere.