Lake Minnetonka sailing session

I concur with Mike. Since I have a day job so I went sailing last night from 6-9pm on the main lake with blinky lights on, clear skies full of stars and a half moon it was awesome!!! The conditions (5-8 mph) provided great recreational sailing there are a few places on the main lake with good sheets of ice and other places which are 50/50 ice/ruff ice. I think by the weekend most of the ruff spots (old snow) will have broken down (sublimations) and the lake should be in great shape. We plan on sailing Friday afternoon again. My boat is set up in Cottagewood. See every one this weekend.


Andy! 6 to 9pm... that's


6 to 9pm... that's after dark! Whadaya cracked? :)

Tonka ice

Thanks for the update on ice conditions. I thought its been looking decent also. I hope to join you on the main lake Fri pm or Sat.
Mike DN


Andy, Mike, thanks for the Tonka tip. I plan to go to Priest and Cooks bay in a few moments from now and awake the Nite from a few weeks sleep.

Hope to go Thursday, Friday, Saturday with Rob Hahn and Mike Bares before the snow hits on Sunday.

Don Knudsen (DonnyK)

Nite Nationals


It looks like the Nite Nationals will be this weekend (19th/20th) on Mendota. It's worth the trip.

Nite 559