latest ice reports for MN/WI?

who has some smooth ice after this tropical heat wave we had last week? (I am still trying to remember the last time I drove through a MN!)


Sounds like the ice on Pepin

Sounds like the ice on Pepin is ok. Guys were sailing their DNs the last couple of days. We sail out of Pepin Wisconsin directly in front of the Pickle Factory (Bar) Good landing and there should be 8 or so boats there now.

Iowa City to Montevideo

Had a wonderfull day Wednesday on Marsh Lake near Montevideo. Ice is on the rough side but scenery and cattail maze was great. Sailing over 6 foot frozen snow drifts is a real hoot for an Iowa boy. Shatek Lake area looked good. Spirit Lake in Iowa had open water out in the center. The ice on Clear Lake in Iowa was solid and about an 8 for smoothness. Anything much south of the Mn. border is pretty much mush. I,ll have to try that Lake Pepin on the next windy day. Rolley