buffalo minnesota sat 3/26, start at 9 am sharp, grilling brats at noon

Minnesota Ice Sailing Assn will sail this weekend, starting 0900 saturday... Sturges Park, Buffalo, MN

- We're planning on grilling brats and maybe playing some bocce or croquet in the afternoon (assuming we can't be sailing when it gets too soft) US 602 claims he's bringing the brats & the beer.

- 6-8 DN's have indicated they'd be there... maybe more.

This will likely be the last hurrah for those of you that don't want to see what it looks like around Christina this time of year... it's still cold up north.

First Start 9:00 show up early the sun comes up at 6.00

It's going to be great!
Think Ice


I sure hope 602 has lots of f

I sure hope 602 has lots of free space in his rig for all the cargo, I'm feeling mighty thirsty already!!! See you all there!