2005 Landsailing's Americas Cup March 20-25

Does any one have updates the 2005 Landsailing regetta happen right now? I know Miss Wisconson and Windjet UK craft are trying to set the world speed record which currently is 116 mph.

2005 Landsailing's Americas Cup:
March 20 to 25 2005 (Sunday noon through Friday)
Location: Ivanpah Dry Lake-Primm NV

The web site doesn't have any updates

Jimmy they need a live web cam you need to start Landsailing.

Some landsailing photos...

http://iceboat.org/photos.htm (Scroll down to the "April 3, 2005" item).

For those in need of a prurient fix: http://nalsa.org/ModelPhotos.htm


Geoff S.
DN US-5156