did anyone sail saturday? ice conditions in Ashby area? let out a shout if there's a last hurrah anywhere! thanks. dn 904

Buffalo sailing

Saturday started out with no wind. One Die hard made it out and found that the wind was enough to fly a runner.

Last ride of the year.

This old man went for his last ride of this winter yesterday at Cook's Bay on Minnetonka. Not much wind in the AM. Came back from lunch at noon and found the boat resting on the springboard and plank. The runners all the way into the soft ice. Pulled it out and had a slow but nice one hour ride. The ice around the shore was receiding as I was sailing and it was time to break the boat down and take her home for a long summers nap. Time to think about soft water sailing.

Don Knudsen(aka-DonnyK)

...leave it to Don. First one

...leave it to Don. First one on in the fall, last one off in the spring.
You gotta love a die hard!
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