Ice Out on Mtka???


The time is quickly approaching and we will soon need to retire our ice yachts to their summer location.

The real question is when will the ice actually go out on Lake Minnetonka? Here is a link that has all the dates listed and rules for official iceout

My vote is April 22nd @ 9:30 am.

What is your guess???

Maybe our great Webmaster could put up a function where users could log their guesstimate?

Prizes,,, none but bragging rights till the ice reforms and we all meet again on the ice.


you were off by only 14 days,

you were off by only 14 days,is this part of your ice checking skills

To: Anonymous Person (too afr

To: Anonymous Person (too afraid to leave there name)

Easy to judge now. Where were your comments 1 month ago,,,,,,,

Willdog!!! You must be expec

Willdog!!! You must be expecting us to go back into the deep freeze! I say April 12th at 10pm.