2005 DN Western Challenge Regatta, Dec 3 & 4 2005

The Minnesota Ice Sailing Association has scheduled the 2005 Western Challenge Regatta for Dec 3 & 4 2005, Best ice Western Region.

More information will be posted in the two weeks leading up to the event.

Think Ice


Mark; Please!?!


Next time; could you please give us a little more advanced notice on these events, we all have commitments ya know! And also: Please give us the weather forecast for those two days now so we can cherry pick, didn't you tell us to always trust the weatherman?

I assume you guarantee Cristina as the venue and that the ice will be 100% safe. What will the ice condition be? I need to know now as I only waanna bring one set of runners. I also waanna go to Miaaami!

Also: You did not announce that: "It's gonna be great!" What on Earth are we to infer from this highly significant omission!

Mark, I say it's high time to clean up your act, lest we dock your pay as the Northern Minnesota "Pied Piper!"

i don't see it in the events...

see the calendar..
nothing in it..

does that mean it's not really on __on__.. or just an editor's ommission?

Whoo hoo!

It'll be a great shakedown for the new hull!

Aside: does anybody with better IDNIYRA connections know when the NAs might be planned for next year?


Geoff S.