Snowbird III

We set up Snowbird III yesterday for the first time since we purchased it. You can find the photos here

There to help were Art Teutsch, Louise Teutsch, Henry Schantz, Jay Canter, Dominic Conti, Rick Conrad and Skip Stauber. Of course Kelly and myself were there.
The people driving by must have thought we were crazy.
It went extremely problems. Can't wait until we can set it up on the ice. We may have to dress warmer, but at least it won't be rainy.

We have also started updating

We have also started updating the plans so they are more legible. It won't be long till they are posted in the new format.



We haven't had alot of time to work on the plans while building the
new plank and the iceboat shop (which now has walls and roof), but we
did get enough time to re-do pages 1-10 of the plans.
The new first 10 pages are now posted in the plans file.
The first 10 new pages say the same things as the old first 10 pages
(just clearer typing and pictures) so you still have a complete
correct set if you use the new 1-10 and the old 11-18.
I will post again when the remaining pages are finished and posted.
Jack and Kelly