Skip Boston passed away

Passing along a note posted by: Paul Goodwin on August 16, 2005 at 12:24:13:

I have just learned that Skip Boston, DN US 150, passed away
last night.

This is a great loss to the DN class and iceboating in general,
as Skip has been a stronghold in the DN and other classes of
iceboat over the years.

Skip was piloting a DN from the start of the class, and has been
DN North American Champion three times ('57, '59, '64). The Boston
family business (sailmaking) has been rooted in iceboating
since before the DN was conceived, having been started by Skip's
father Howard who was also an avid iceboater. As well as making
some of the fastest DN sails throughout the history of the class,
the Boston family was heavily involved in introducing the DN to
Europe and supporting European sailors in coming to North America
to race.

Skip has also been heavily involved in directing the DN class,
and has been a DN Corporate Officer since the beginning of time.
Skip has also been a long time member of the National Iceboat
Authority, helping to insure that all iceboats sail under a
standard set of rules for safety.

Please join me in a prayer, wishing Skip swift passage to the
great plate of eternal black ice ...