Skeeter sighting - Help identify individual

Skeeter SightingThe Minnesota Ice Boat association has hired a private investigator (CIA) to find out if any of its members are involved in any “Unauthorized” Ice Boat projects that the Minnesota Ice Boat Association has not sanctioned. It has come to our attention that there are many “Underground” ice boat workshops through out the state that have not been authorized by the Minnesota Ice Boating Association Task Force.

Skeeter Sighting Stitch togetherWe are looking for help in identifying the gentleman holding the 2x4 across his face who is “Happily” standing in front of his newly reconstructed Skeeter.

Minnesota Ice Boat Association Task Force

PS The wide photo was stitched together from 3 photos.

Big-Foot sighting!

I have seen that mop of hair bobbing through the cattails near Christina several times. It’s a dreaded Minnesota Big-foot (actually a woman’s size 6) or the mutant offspring of one and a vagrant White Bear woman. Once you have seen him/it it is easy to recognize. Here’s what to look for. 1) Long flowing light brown hair waving in the winter wind like a Donkey’s tail. 2) A soft mumbling that many have thought sounded like, “ Don’t mess with me man, stay away from those runners”. 3) Walking in and out of the cattails with a roll of toilet paper. He is dangerous, but not very bright, so he can be outsmarted easily. He believes that he can’t be seen behind the 2 X 4 in this picture. The best bait to use to trap the vulgar beast is a smoking pot of epoxy. He can’t resist the intoxicating smell and will walk right in to the trap. Once you have him caged, relocate him the Boundary-Waters where his type is from. Just don’t believe his story of helping you with your runners in exchange of sweet freedom. Many of us have fallen for that crap before and this is why he still walks among us today.

I just don't know who this

I just don't know who this John Doe would be.

Could it be . . .

Jack Daniel?