Another Mystery Individual Sighting!!

Another Mystery Individual Sighting!!A fellow ice boater in Montana just reported another sighting of the culprit lurking by that beat-up old Skeeter with a new paint-job. This Yeti really gets around; at least he did in his youth. I believe this is the only picture in existence where his face is not covered. He looks very inbred but seems pretty happy about something. Is there some news he is keeping from us?

Picture found in People section!

The beast with the opposite

The beast is shown here with the opposite sex!!!

Thank God she doesn't look like the Big Footed beast next to her!!

Love is Bliss

Or is love blind?



JD US4691

Yeah guys...

That Yetti photo's really a mite bit beyond the pale...

A nice guy like JD deserves a little bit more effort with Photoshop!


Geoff S.

that's disturbing

very disturbing picture.... the beast looks crazed...