Lakes getting close to ice? Lake Christina?

Hey 4695 (Mark Keifer),
How does lake christina look? Are we going to have a regatta in 4 weeks??

Get those coots off the lake and especially the coot rider off the back of that poor coot...............Yeehaa.. don't let yer coot throw ya

20 miles north of Park

20 miles north of Park Rapids I had two inches of snow last night on Coon Lake. We're making ice. It wont be long.

DN 5050

andy, is your boat ready?

is your boat even going to be ready... you've got a lot of work to do young man...

how's it coming along?

Antique road show update

Hey Jimmy,
The antique road show (1960’s Norton boat) is moving right along with the rebuilding process.

Completed steps:
•Entire boat sanded and all hardware removed
•Decking removed and replaced on bottom of boat behind the plank mounts because of water damage
•Cockpit bulk head removed and cockpit lengthen 10 inches so I don’t have to sail with my knees bent all the time.
•New Cockpit bulk head and floor installed
•Vacuumed bagged glue through large cracks in side boards (this is why project started boat was a little flexi)
•Fiber glass mat applied to inside of both side boards and filler applied to all small holes and cracks
•Drained 1 quart of mystery WATER from interior cock pit hull which was sloshing around in front of repair job (JD still scratching his head?)
•All fiberglass, glue and filler sanded smooth
•Second coat of filler applied to all small holes and cracks.

Next Steps:
•Quick sand of final coat of filler
•Glue the entire surface of boat
•Prime entire surface of boat
•First coat of paint
•Second coat of paint
•Reinstall hardware
•Reinstall blank mounts (bigger job)

The good news if I don’t get it all done by Dec 2nd I can sail Willie’s boat since he will be out of town.
I hope nobody tells him since I haven’t asked yet. Oh that’s right his boat has new runners! Hee Hee