Ice Report, Lake Christina, Ashby MN

12:00 Noon, Thanksgiving Day, something else to be Thankful for.

The stage is set for another epic ice battle on Lake Christina the ice is Perfect!

Details: Driving up MN 78, Pelican Lake is substantially open, there was a solitary portable ice house in it's customary place in the narrows between the open water main body of Pelican and the now frozen North Bay.

Lake Christina's launch site, Milepost 8, ice observations:

The ice is very soft within a foot of shore, stepping on, the ice bears weight without cracking, in the launch area the freeze came very early, close in snow ice, frozen snow on top of 5 inches of the clear hard stuff.

Walking out to the new freze, I went maybe 400 yards out, crossing the usual close in crack, (the crack is about a foot across, recently working, refrozen with 2" of ice, today nobody would dismount to cross it, but it bears watching)

The succinctly, entire sailing area is appears absolutely perfect, flawless, clear smooth and at this moment 2 1/2, - 3" thick. It had been blowing links off a log chain the day it froze, tons of dust in the air, the top 1" of clear ice has very short crystals, maybe 3" lengths, below that it's just your basic perfect Lake Christina Ice.

The short term forecast calls for building significant ice over the next 48 hours.

This observer must work tomorrow, :( and has an iceskating expedition planned on Saturday with a very special 10 year old. Others will have to post their sailing observations, see you on the ice!



Friday 0700 Snow Event

Snow isn't ever an issue in iceboating, until the lakes freeze.

There's a very narrow band (maybe 30 miles wide) of snow in front of a warm front, generally along the I 94 Corridor in Minnesota. It no doubt has impacted the ice on Christina. Historically, the hills surrounding Lake Christina have taken a fair amount of moisture out of systems before they reach the lake. We'll see about that.

Fergus Falls recieved a scant 2" of powder snow overnight... a bit more is forecast.

We will check the conditions at Christina some time today and post observations.

Local Ice checkers will scout a number of suspect shallow lakes in the imediate area which may have missed the event, over the weekend, the good news is it's now cold and other slightly deeper lakes should be freezing over the weekend. (post snow event) Generally slightly east and or north of Christina.

Of higher immediate concern is a low pressure system forecast to intensify as it leaves Colorado, and impact the region on Late Sunday, Monday.

The greatest treasure an iceboat regatta organizer has is options for venue.

If you know of a suitable sized, accessable and Frozen Lake please post on this site,

It's gonna be great!


Saddle up boys! Looks like

Saddle up boys! Looks like the season opener on Saturday; Yahoo!

Speaking of saddles; anyone seen my Coot saddle? I'll be needing it back soon!

Sailing 11/26

I plan to be there,Who else is going

saturday i'm in...

I also have a few things going on on friday, so i wouldn't be able to make it until later in the day. I would leave in the van late friday, early saturday.

In On Sat!!

New trailer, 1st trip!