Western Challeng Regatta, Primary Location

The Minnesota Ice Sailing Assoc. is currently checking ice around the entire state.

As of this moment, 0700 Wednesday, we know there are several lakes with some degree of suitablilty. We're (DN Sailors) investigating lakes in the Fergus/Alexandria (Christina, Osakis); Perham/Ottertail (Otter Tail,Rush,Dead); Detroit Lakes (Detroit, Height of Land, Toad); Brainerd (North Long Lake); Glenwood (Reno, Mary, Minnewaska); Willmar (Big Kandoyhi, Lillian); & Buffalo areas.

After we've discerned which of these offer the best area/surface & forecast, but no later than 7:00 local time this evening. We'll post the primary site for the event. The two key drivers in the decision are: 1: there's a minor snow event in the forecast (more in the south, little in central Minnesota) and forecast daytime temperatures (more for the comfort of sailors than making ice).

Special thanks to all the people who are carving time out of their busy weeks to get the fleet the on the ice information needed to put us on the best slab of ice in the area. Additionally, a sailing expedition is currently being organized for today/tomorrow as well.

Restating, briefly, We're certain we'll be sailing, Christina is unquestionably suitable, snow ice. As we're accustomed to sailing on optically clear super fast ice for this event... We think we might be able to run down something in keeping with the legendary surfaces we've had in other years.

It's gonna be Great!


Got Cheese?

I hope I can fit in my Sausage casing, I mean skinsuit. Gonna be great to get the fleet together. Thanks to Kiefer & the Minnesota Ice Sailing Assn for all their diligence!
John “Head-Cheese” Davenport

the Drive South today

Ottertail Lake, Ottertail Village, MN The lake froze yesterday afternoon & evening... the entire lake, from 6 observation points appears all clear ice, with a trace to 1/2" powder snow. This is a big shallow lake, Mini Winnie, if you would. Expect several pans large enough to hold the regatta... I figured this was EPIC ICE, and could stop right there.

Battle Lake (West), Battle Lake, MN and you just have to love the name... The entire bay was soft at noon yesterday... Today locked in and frozen, the shallow west bay was clear smooth black ice, the stuff that dreams are made of. Again, SIMPLY EPIC ICE!!! BIG, SMOOTH, FAST

Miltona Lake, Alexandria, MN Exactly the same,with a 1/2" dusting of powder snow. We sailed a NA's here.

Osakis Lake, Osakis, MN Same as Miltona... a little snow over what appears to be a perfect sheet of ice.

Buffalo Lake, Buffalo, MN Much the same as Miltona...

Summary: What a boring drive, perfect lake after perfect lake. We have very attractive options for locating the western challenge regatta. Addional information will be forthcoming.

Making ice!

Buffalo is now 100% frozen and making ice. It,s gonna be fresh and perfect.

No snow! no snow! no snow! no snow!

Wind! Wind! wind!

JD US4691

JD US4691

Many thanks!

Thanks to everybody checking ice. I can't wait to be sailing Friday!


Geoff S.

Thanks for checking

The colder weather forcast sounds good for the entire area. My small bay on Mtka. skimmed over last night with the lighter winds, but would not support my weight at 6 AM Wed!
I hope Buffalo Lake makes it by Fri.

Mike DN 3559

Mike Miller