Helmet suggestions

Given that traditional fiberglass helmets are a bit heavy I have been looking for a replacement over the last year. Light weight carbon fiber/kevlar helmets are becoming more available (and yes they are spendy) on the market but finding one with good vision while laying down in a DN has been a bit of a challenge. The Luge folks seem to have something but finding more info or a source has been a challenge.

Any suggestions out there?


Go to reliableracing.com

JD US4691

JD US4691


IMHO, one critical feature is the chin protector. I have seen two painful injuries which would have been avoided if a chin protector had been present. I had a suprise capsize a few years ago and would have eaten ice had I not had a chin protector on.

The snow board helmets don't have them. Try down hill ski helmets or off-road bicycle helmets.




Ken Smith

Ken Smith

helmet suggestions

About 90% of the fleet uses Jofa Ski Helmets. They're very light the optional chin guard makes a convenient handle for holding up your head. And available in whatever color you want, as long as you want white or black. :)

I got mine from Bob Schumacher, DN US 4032, and 116.7 mph landsailing record holder in Iron Duck, 1999.


Canoe Imports
370 Dorset Street
Burlington, VT 05403

He's generally got excellent pricing too.

Go reinvent the wheel if you want.

Think ice


Jofa helmets

Sorry Mark but you can't get the Jofas anymore. I tried. I even talked to Bob. Apparently there was some liability issue and they no longer sell them. The snowboarding helmets can be very light though. Check out the K2 Ultra. It weighs just 361 grams.

Helmet suggestions

I have been using snowboarding helmets/goggles for the last few years, and compared to snowmobile helmets it is as if you had no helmet at all. But this year my kids got new helmets by a company called Red. Unbelievabley light and comfortable, and they accept goggles (with some exceptions) perfectly, without the forehead gap. The model I like best is called HiFi and we got them here:


John Bushey

John Bushey

Go to REI

I recommend going to REI (they carry Red) or another ski shop and trying on lots of helmets. The sizes vary like crazy between manufacturers. Also there is a big difference in head shapes they are made for (oval vs. round).