DN sails, runners, Opti boats

Packing for the NAs, which I expect to be in the East. I have the following stuff that could be for sale, and will be packed if interest is expressed:


1. Steel near min T's, wood bodies, 36 inch 100 deg side runners, 90 deg 32 in steering runner. Set: $600

2. Pair of 3/16 Sarns steel 36 in inserts. Carbon sides. One rebuilt, body (maple core), one original body by Tod Gambel (birch ply core). Both straight and sit identically in chocks (interchangable, left to right). If they are not sold, these will be my steering and back-ups at NAs. Pair $700


1. Doyle (Boston) FO-2 for composite mast, 4" shortened leech. Best for stiff mast (more rake) wide range of conditions. Also great with with soft mast set straighter with rig very low. $325 with battens, $260 without.

2. Quantum (Pewaukee) JD Speed sail, 4" shortened leech. For composite mast, smooth ice and high winds. $350 with battens, $290 without.

Optimist DN

two available $1700.

Now in IL, will deliver enroute or at the NAs. Contact at e-mail address listed above.