steel 440 C

Is impossible only near Chicago buy very well and cheap
steel 440 C cut on insert runners to DN?.
Please tell me about price and the addresses
and the number of telephones to contacts.

Thank you very much in advance and I will be very grateful.


steel 440 C $0.02

Here's 2 cents worth... if you buy it from somebody like Ron, hardened, you won't have an issue with heat treating 36" long thin hunks of steel... a not at all trivial process to get done right without warp issues.


440 c

The best place to get blades is Composite Concepts. Best quallity and cheapest price for hardenned 440c. Ron's number is 586-790-5557. If you want raw 440c stock call fry steel. That is where I used to get mine before I started buying from Ron.

JD US4691

JD US4691


Just checked the Ryerson book, (steel supplier in the Twin Cities) and they list the 440c. They also state that there is a 440a that can be substituted. Slightly lower carbon content, but it might be an option. If you still want to find another source, let me know and I will do some sluthing.