Ice surfers


There have been some very nice pictures on ice surfers on this site but not really how you made the steering.

I have sailed some ice surfers based on a skate board (long board) concept with four runners. The foot steering on those is a little bit to nervous in high speed though.

By the way, did you ever log your speed with gps? It would be interesting to know your all time high with the three runner surfer.

Surf on,

Step 1 : If you look

Klicker's New IceSurfer 12-10-05

Step 1 : If you look closely at the photo you will notice the front deck of the board is not mounted directly to the aluminum bar but is mounted on flexible rubber blocks which look like hockey pucks (can't see in photo) but are much more flexible. They do this so when you step on the front of the board it flexes to the right or left.

Step 2: If you look really close at the photo you will see at the back of the front section of the board a small line which goes back through a pulley then up to the steering. By doing it this way the front runner is straight and tight until you step on the front part of the board.

These ice surfers are almost as fast as a DN they cruise around in the 50’s all the time and jump or 60 mph occassionaly.

Here is Klickers email he is the man who built this board this fall.