Iowa Boater

Hi All,
Are there any Northwest Ia. Iceboaters out
there.... there must be some!!!
Anyone iceboat on Lake Okoboji or Big Spirit??!!
Regards, ejag

No sailable areas that I am

No sailable areas that I am aware of here, but will be
traveling to the Clear Lake/Mason City Area this weekend.
Will check things out!!
Regards, e-jag


We sail on Five Island lake(Emmetsburg)southeast of the Lakes about 40 miles. Our lake is done for now. Only hope in this area is that West Lake Okobji hasn't froze. I heard east lake was froze and not in good shape. Flirt II

Northwest Iowa

We would be willing to sail Northwest Iowa. We do not have anyone reporting ice in that area. Maybe you could help us?

JD US4691

JD US4691

Ice Emmetsbutg< iowa

Sailed Monday Five Island lake. Ice was fair. Got a good Ride in DN's.

Flirt II

northwest iowa

Is there any sailable ice in your area?