Wanted - Used/New Steering Rod Assembly

When re-assemble my Antique Roadshow (1960's Norton boat) this weekend I made a small adjustment to the Steering Rod length and crack the aluminum Steering Rod Assembly.

To say the least I don't think I want to sail with 3 large cracks in the steering rod end.

Does anyone have any extra Steering Rod Assembly they want to get rid of? I can always buy a new one from Sarns but what fun is that.

Lake Minnetonka

I'm assuming your steering

I'm assuming your steering system is the type with two rods and not the single rod that has been used on most DN's since the mid seventies.

Single Steering Tube

Single Steering Tube aluminum. I have always just assumed the boat was very old. When did Norton of Greenbay build boats?
Do you have a single steering tube?
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Steering tube.


I have a Norton that has a steering tube that is just notched on the ends to form a clevis around the steering arms on both ends. There really is no need for the rod end except for fine tuning the tiller angle. It has no noticible backlash and works just fine. Come check it out if you want, I'm in Eden Prairie on Riley Lake. If you are careful, you could make one the get you through the season ( such as it is) with just a quick trip to the hardware store. Give me a call: 952 270-9206

John Bushey

John Bushey