New J Boat

We built a model of the new JT24 we are building. Pictures documenting the building will be posted on the J14 iceboating site and our iceboating blog throughout the summer.

We may also have a J14 regatta in 2007, most of the J14 skippers show alot of interest in getting together, so if you want to see a J14 come on out. We may have a spare J14 for experienced sailors to try out. The regatta will be free of charge. No charge for racing or participating in anyway. There will be trophies. Mike Acebo of the Orient Club has agreed to help with the racing since we will be busy pleasure sailing. We will decide on a tenative date soon

Jack Jacobs

Regatta tenatively scheduled

The regatta is tenatively scheduled for February 17th 2007 on Elk Lake
in Elk Rapids, MI
There will be free racing and trophies for J boats.
There will also be various other prizes.
All kinds of boats are welcome. We are going to try to put something together for a "sportsman" type racing also for all other types of boats



We have updated the J14 website

with pictures of building the new plank for the JT20, the new springboard for the JT24 and Rich's new springboard for his J14



Couldn't you have made it a J23 or a J25 for crying out loud? :)




Because of the softwater boat???

Don't worry I won't get the two confused. One of them really doesn't like softwater.