2007 DN Gold-Cup date?

I heard a rumor that the GC would be around Feb. 17, 2007.
Any truth to it?
Nothing on idniyra.org yet, and the DN BBS seems to be spammed into a stupor (i.e. it won't accept any more posts).


Geoff S.

It's official...

From the IDNIYRA Website:

    Dates for 2007 World and North American Championship Regattas

    Racing for the 2007 Gold Cup and North American Championship regattas will start on Sunday, February 18 and end on or before Saturday, February 25.

    Registration will be on Saturday, February 17, 2007.

    The host region is the Central Lakes Region of North America.

idniyra bbs

Spammed to submissin is correct. A new version is in draft and, if the schedule holds, will be up in early September. Beta versions may be up sooner.

Topic areas:
Class postings (limited access)

Regatta notices (limited access?)

Members only (access to IDNIYRA members, other member e-mail information, and some stuff to encourage joining)

Building and repairing (open to all for viewing. BB membership free to post. Membership will allow control of spammers)

Buy and sell, Open forum, Racing and tuning (all as above)

Ken Smith

Ken Smith


who's putting all that together?

that's correct

I heard that same date from a reliable source.