Western Challenge, the ultimate event!

Western Challenge, the ultimate event!
Submitted by G 737on Mon, 12/06/2004 - 11:31pm.

Dear friends,
if someone thinks, its a long way for us Europeans to come to this event its just not true. For meeting you guys at this first weekend Iceboating in Minnesota we would even travel twice around the globe. We usually race more, than at any world championship and also everyone is much more relaxed. I asked JD, how much the starting fee is, the answer was "to come". I destroyed my hull after I spunn out. Before I turned around Mark Kiefer carried it from the Ice and took it to his shop. Next morning my boat was stronger than ever(Thank you Mark, JD and Ron for top maintenance at bar time).
If someone is searching for the heart of America he should start looking in Minnesota and among the Iceboaters everywhere. Thank you all, for organizing this world class event.(I feel sorry for Peter Jones, Dough Harvey and John Davenport, that they could not attend. I know they would have come , if possible)
Hope to see you all again in Wisconsin or even at Lake Christina in January.
Very special regards to my friend Harry from Minnetonka and I hope you come by next time you are over in Dortmund.


Plan on attending an EPIC Western Challenge is December 1,2 & 3, primary site, Lake Christina, Milepost 8, Ashby, MN

As always... sailors of all abilities and places are welcome at all Minnesota Ice Sailing Events.

It's gonna be great...